Should I Buy Sneakers from Stadium Goods?

The #1 sneaker exchange on the market. Exclusive Kicks, Retro Throw Backs, Collector Editions and so much more. There's always something NEW or something OLD being featured at Stadium Goods.

Based out of New York City, this sneaker exchange is everything you could want and so much more, but don't get discouraged if they don't have your size. We here @ suggest you always check their inventory for the latest updates. One day your shoe size is unavailable and the next day they have two. We can't call it - that's just the way life goes.

Oh, & b4 we forget, they do offer sneaker consignment, meaning if you own a pair of the Freshest Kicks, you can get it listed on their site and have it sold right away. 

This is one website that is a must to check out.


  • High End Sneakers. 

- Some of their featured sneakers have a price tag of over a $1,000. Can't believe it, neither could we until we bought a pair. =)

  • Exclusive Sneakers and exotic merchandise.

- There are very few places where you can get pieces from a Limited Edition Collection (1/100) or buy genuine Supreme branded products. The good news is if you were looking for those things then Stadium Goods would have got you covered. There's always something for everyone, that's true only if you can afford it. ;)

  • Sneaker Consignment. 

- Either new or gently used sneakers are placed in the hands of a third party dealer and after its sold the original owner will receive their payment.

Tools Needed to Accelerate Success.


  • Bling'd out Watch.

- So, you got fancy foot ware on your feet. How bout' something fancy on your wrist. Step your Watch game up by picking up a gem or two. Match or coordinate, it's really up to you. Just remember, its all about the details when trying to get fly.  

Click here to buy Exclusive Watches from!

  • Colorful Socks.

- When someone ask to see your kicks and you pull your jeans leg up, you'll be showing off the most official pair of random socks. The more random the more official but just remember sometimes less is more.

Click here to buy Colorful Socks from

  • Custom T-Shirts.

- You understand fashion and people know thats your m.o. So why not take it to the next level? Design your own T and start selling it. Start a brand, start a movement and get paid while your at it. 

Click here to Design your own T-Shirt from

  • Fitted Hat.

- Complete your outfit with a matching fitted hat. 

Click here to buy Fitted Hats from!

  • Plastic Container.

- A clear container used to showcase your collection of acquisitions. Plastic or Glass containers are often used to display the latest craze or used to generate the hype. What good is owning an exclusive pair if no one knows you got it?

Click here to buy a Plastic Container from!

  • Saran Wrap.

- After purchasing a pair of exclusive sneakers, some buyers wrap the sneaker or the sneaker box in saran wrap to eliminate the entry of air and corrosion. If you want to protect your investment then,..

 Click here to buy Saran Wrap from!

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Who will benefit from using Stadium Goods?

  • Sneaker Collectors.

- If you have 30 outfits and 30 pairs of sneakers to match each outfit, then you my friend are a collector. If you prefer buying to keep, rather then buying to sell, then you my friend are a collector. If you have more than one color of the same sneaker and your looking to purchase more colors in that same series, then you my friend are a collector. If you know each sneaker by name and release date, then you my friend are a Sneaker Head. =)

  • Sneaker Heads.

- Are people who are extremely knowledgeable about sneakers. They know every important detail about each pair such as its official name, color sequence and the date of its release.

  • Anyone who wants to be flashy.

- They see your feet and then their lips start moving. People are talking! They've only seen it in a magazine! They've only heard about it @ the barbershop! Now you got them on your feet, and its middle of the day and you got a matching hat. Whoa, your not even going anywhere.

Yup, they gonna talk, they gonna hate but some will give you a straight up compliment. Saying those are fire, those are lit', but are you ready? Are you ready for the questions? Are you ready to meet strangers?

They're gonna want to know your name. They're gonna want to know your handle? They're gonna check your IG and see if this is a one off or are you the real deal. So,.. are you the real deal? Only time will tell!

  • Anyone who wants to make a statement in a crowd.

- People are talking about you. Maybe not directly to you, but those who know what their looking at are giving you Kudos for having them on your feet. Join in the conversation and impress them with your sneaker knowledge. See where this goes. You might have just made a friend or two.

  • Entertainers.

- Its a package deal if your an entertainer. Your being judge by what you say, what you do and especially what you wear. So, as the saying goes,.. "Dress to Impress!"

  • Social Media Influencers.

- You're in a world of Show and Prove! So, show and prove!

  • Anyone taking professional pictures.

- They say, "a picture is worth a 1,000 words." They say, "never judge a book by its cover." say's "lets give them something to talk about."

What can you do with Stadium Goods?

  • Buy rare and exclusive sneaker pieces.

- You can always find something that someone else has never seen. You may not know this but some sneakers appreciate in value. Crazy, we know!

  • Buy official autograph limited edition products.

- If a pair of rare Jordans can sell for $2,500, how much can that same sneaker be worth if the man himself signed it! Better question,.. If Stadium Goods had them for sale would you buy them?

  • Buy limited edition clothes and accessories.

- They sell more than just sneakers, they sell clothes and merchandise.

  • Sell new & gently used sneakers through consignment.

- So you wore a pair of exclusives to a fashion show and now you want your money back. We'll here is your chance. Submit your application and wait for a check. Matter of fact, why don't you get a pair appraised for a value and see if its worth the trouble.

Where can you find reviews on Stadium Goods?

  • Testimonials

When should you order from Stadium Goods?

The answer is always Now!

Sneakers are the new Hot Commodity!

One day they have a bunch and the next day they have none.

Why should you check them out?

  • Because you want to own rare and exclusive sneaker pieces.
  • Because your are a sneaker head.
  • Because you understand sneakers can be bought as an investment.
  • Because you want to own sneakers that few other people have.
  • Because your that dude.
  • Because your the true lady in the streets.
  • Because you want people to say, "where did you get that from?" 
  • Because you have a pair of kicks that you've only wore once and you want your money back.
  • Because your going to an event and what you have on your feet matters.
  • Because you want to complete your outfit.
  • Because you have the money to do so.

Now What?

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