Should I invest in John Crestani's Super Affiliate System 3.0?

John Crestani and his Super Affiliate System 3.0 is a result of many years of developing different money making strategies and a endless pursuit of traffic generating techniques. By constantly testing what works and what doesn't John has truly put together a solid resource for affiliate entrepreneurs.

This system is a step by step guide that will eliminate the frustration of not knowing what to do and where to go next. We here at recommends this platform because it is designed to teach, illustrate and format your affiliate journey from start to end.   


  • Affiliate Marketing.

- Affiliate Marketing is a revenue system where websites refer their audience to merchants who pay commissions for a particular user action.

  • Internet Marketing.

- Internet Marketing is the process of promoting a business or brand through various means of advertising or solicitation. Software such as John Crestani's Super Affiliate System focuses on generating income through various means of Internet Marketing. 

Tools needed to accelerate success.

  • Traffic Generation.

- Like fuel for a car, traffic generation is the source of power for every living website and understanding how to capture it is more valuable than having it for a moment. Learn how to get this traffic through these sources listed below.

  • Get access to Income School's Traffic Generation strategies.
  • Get access to Four Percent's Traffic Generation strategies. 
  • Sales Funnel.

- How do you get a customer from randomly looking into intentional buying? Well, there are some really smart people out there that spent their entire life trying to figure that question out. Then there are some people who got lucky and stumbled across the answer. To our advantage we don't have to answer the how.

However, we do have to answer the which sales funnel is best to use for your particular niche website. You see, a Sales Funnel is the process in which a customer must follow in order to get the user to make a decision of yes or no. The better the funnel the greater the chances for a favorable outcome. 

Listed underneath are some of the leading software companies that offer some of the best sales funnels on the market. We must warn you before signing up with any of these programs that these are not get rich quick schemes and they do require much effort and hard work. Master these and you will have mastered the world.

  • Get access to ClickFunnel's Sales Funnels.
  • Get access to Katra's Sales Funnels.
  • Get access to Kajabi's Sales Funnels.
  • Email Automation.

- Email automation is a specific type of internet marketing. It gives the website owner the ability to send time or action triggered emails to subscribers with relevant information. This is one of the key components to long term success. 

Test the theory by answering one simple question. How many people do you think purchase an item on the first introduction? If your answer was anything less than 100% then your wright. The amount is far less than the obvious, but most people will purchase that item or service at a later date. They just need to absorb more information or you just need to catch that at the right payday time. ;)

Signing up with an email automation platform will give you the ability to systematically follow up with every visitor. All you need is the visitor's email and an email automation account. You don't have any emails you say. Well, thats why you need a properly designed sales funnel.

It all works together then it will all work for you.

  • Get access to ConvertKit's Email Automation system.
  • Get access to GetResponse's Email Automation systems.
  • Get access to Mail Chimps Email Automation systems.  

Who will benefit from using the Super Affiliate System 3.0?

  • Beginner Marketers .
  • Intermediate Marketers.

What can you do with the Super Affiliate System 3.0?

  • Create your own online business based on affiliate marketing.

- There is no need to reinvent the wheel or spend a million hours trying to create your own affiliate system. John Crestani has made life easy by showing you how to select a niche, how to create a landing page and how to increase your profits with a 1-click up sell. 

  • Use their ready to launch advertising campaigns as your own.

- John has been in your shoes many of times and he understands what comes next. So to make life easy he has pre-built different advertising strategies for you to plug and play. 

  • Create effective pre-sell pages.

- A pre-sell page is a landing page that highlights the benefits of the product you intend to sell or promote. The Super Affiliate System provides you with a systematic approach to producing an effective pre-sell page.  

  • Learn how to set up Social Media ads.

- Each social media platform requires a different approach to advertising. They have different rules and different guidelines that the Super Affiliate system can help you navigate through.

  • Learn how to leverage the 

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When should you invest into the Super Affiliate System 3.0? 

The answer is always Now!

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